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Jobs-Housing Connectivity

Transportation and land use are interrelated, and good planning syncs transportation investments with areas of increasing densities or where land use is deemed transit-supportive. MTC provides assistance to local jurisdictions seeking to develop more sustainable land use plans.

Muni train and affordable housing

On November 18, 2015, MTC adopted the funding and policy framework for the second round of the One Bay Area Grant program. Known as OBAG 2, the second round of OBAG funding is projected to total roughly $916 million to fund projects from 2017-18 to 2021-22. Funds are targeted to projects in Priority Development Areas (PDAs) to support efforts for focused growth.

Land use is decided at the local level. One of the primary ways that local jurisdictions plan for focused growth is through the designation of PDAs. MTC has conducted research on the Bay Area’s future growth through the Horizon Perspective Paper, Regional Growth Strategies, and operates several assistance programs for local governments seeking to develop in a more sustainable way:

Making it easier to build housing near quality transit is a key way to facilitate the use of sustainable modes of transportation. California Senate Bill 375 introduced streamlined CEQA review for proposals that are near high-quality transit. Many of the locally designated PDAs in Plan Bay Area are within these Transit Priority Areas and are therefore eligible for streamlined review.