Bay Area Metro Center  
375 Beale Street  
San Francisco, CA 94105  
Meeting Agenda  
Joint MTC ABAG Legislation Committee  
Jesse Arreguin, Chair  
Vacant, Vice Chair  
Eddie Ahn, David Canepa, Carol Dutra-Vernaci,  
Pat Eklund, Victoria Fleming, Dave Hudson, Matt Mahan,  
Alfredo Pedroza, David Rabbitt, Belia Ramos,  
Jim Spering, Sheng Thao, Vacant, Vacant, and Vacant  
Non-Voting Members  
Dorene M. Giacopini and Vacant  
Friday, March 10, 2023  
9:45 AM  
Board Room - 1st Floor  
This meeting shall consist of a simultaneous teleconference call at the following location(s):  
Napa County Administration Building, 1195 Third Street, Suite 310-Crystal Conference Room,  
Napa, CA 94559  
Novato City Administrative Offices, 922 Machin Ave, Baget Conference Room, Novato, CA  
Pinole Public Library, 2935 Valley Road, Pinole, CA 94564  
Meeting attendees may opt to attend in person for public comment and observation at 375  
Beale Street, Board Room (1st Floor). In-person attendees must adhere to posted public  
health protocols while in the building. The meeting webcast will be available at  
encouraged to participate remotely via Zoom at the following link or phone number.  
A Zoom panelist link for meeting participants will be sent separately to Committee members.  
Committee Members and members of the public participating by Zoom wishing to speak should  
use the “raise hand” feature or dial *9. When called upon, unmute yourself or dial *6. In order  
to get the full Zoom experience, please make sure your application is up to date.  
iPhone One-Tap: US: +13462487799,,84647930190# or +12532050468,,84647930190#  
Join by Telephone (for higher quality, dial a number based on your current location) US:  
888 788 0099 (Toll Free) or 877 853 5247 (Toll Free)  
Webinar ID: 846 4793 0190  
International numbers available:  
Detailed instructions on participating via Zoom are available at:  
Members of the public may participate by phone or Zoom or may submit comments by email at by 5:00 p.m. the day before the scheduled meeting date. Please  
include the committee or board meeting name and agenda item number in the subject line.  
Due to the current circumstances there may be limited opportunity to address comments  
during the meeting. All comments received will be submitted into the record.  
1. Call to Order / Roll Call / Confirm Quorum  
Quorum: A quorum of this body shall be a majority of its regular voting members (7).  
2. Consent Calendar  
Approval of Joint MTC ABAG Legislation Committee Minutes of the  
February 10, 2023 Meeting  
Committee Approval  
MTC Resolution No. 3931, Revised - Policy Advisory Council Appointment  
Commission Approval  
K-Nam Miller  
Legislative History  
Detailed list of bills the ABAG and MTC are tracking in Sacramento,  
including those ABAG or MTC supports or opposes.  
Georgia Gann Dohrmann  
3. State Legislation  
MTC/ABAG State Legislative Visits  
Summary of MTC/ABAG’s February advocacy trip to Sacramento.  
Georgia Gann Dohrmann  
State Transit Operating Assistance Advocacy  
Update on recent advocacy to secure state support to address transit  
operator’s near-term fiscal cliffs and to invest in rebuilding ridership.  
Rebecca Long  
Senate Bill 225 (Caballero): Community Anti-Displacement and  
Preservation Program  
New state program to invest in affordable housing preservation and  
anti-displacement strategies.  
Support / ABAG Executive Board Approval  
Support / MTC Commission Approval  
Julie Snyder  
Assembly Bill 350 (Aguiar-Curry): Sacramento Area Regional Plan Update  
Delays until 2025 the Sacramento Area Council of Governments’(SACOG)  
next sustainable communities strategies update.  
Support / MTC Commission Approval  
Georgia Gann Dohrmann  
4. Federal Legislation  
Washington, D.C. Legislative Update  
Report on key legislative, funding and political developments over the past  
month from Washington, D.C. prepared by the Summit Strategies team.  
Georgia Gann Dohrmann  
5. Information  
Release of MTC’s 2023 Draft Public Participation Plan for the San  
Francisco Bay Area  
Overview of MTC’s 2023 Draft Public Participation Plan (PPP) for the San  
Francisco Bay Area and update approach. On February 24, 2023, MTC’s  
Draft PPP (see Attachment A) was released for a 45-day public review  
and comment period.  
Leslie Lara-Enríquez  
2023 Youth Programs Update  
Overview of MTC/ABAG Youth Programs.  
John Kannegieser and K-Nam Miller  
6. Public Comment / Other Business  
Committee Members and members of the public participating by Zoom wishing to speak  
should use the “raise hand” feature or dial *9. When called upon, unmute yourself or dial  
7. Adjournment / Next Meeting  
The next meeting of the Joint MTC ABAG Legislation Committee will be held on  
Friday, April 14, 2023 at 9:45 a.m. at the Bay Area Metro Center, 375 Beale Street,  
San Francisco, CA. Any changes to the schedule will be duly noticed to the public.  
Public Comment: The public is encouraged to comment on agenda items at Committee meetings  
by completing a request-to-speak card (available from staff) and passing it to the Committee secretary.  
Public comment may be limited by any of the procedures set forth in Section 3.09 of MTC's Procedures  
Manual (Resolution No. 1058, Revised) if, in the chair's judgment, it is necessary to maintain the orderly  
flow of business.  
Meeting Conduct: If this meeting is willfully interrupted or disrupted by one or more persons  
rendering orderly conduct of the meeting unfeasible, the Chair may order the removal of individuals who  
are willfully disrupting the meeting. Such individuals may be arrested. If order cannot be restored by  
such removal, the members of the Committee may direct that the meeting room be cleared (except for  
representatives of the press or other news media not participating in the disturbance), and the session  
may continue.  
Record of Meeting: Committee meetings are recorded. Copies of recordings are available at a  
nominal charge, or recordings may be listened to at MTC offices by appointment. Audiocasts are  
maintained on MTC's Web site ( for public review for at least one year.  
Accessibility and Title VI: MTC provides services/accommodations upon request to persons with  
disabilities and individuals who are limited-English proficient who wish to address Commission matters.  
For accommodations or translations assistance, please call 415.778.6757 or 415.778.6769 for  
TDD/TTY. We require three working days' notice to accommodate your request.  
Acceso y el Titulo VI: La MTC puede proveer asistencia/facilitar la comunicación a las personas  
discapacitadas y los individuos con conocimiento limitado del inglés quienes quieran dirigirse a la  
Comisión. Para solicitar asistencia, por favor llame al número 415.778.6757 o al 415.778.6769 para  
TDD/TTY. Requerimos que solicite asistencia con tres días hábiles de anticipación para poderle  
proveer asistencia.  
Attachments are sent to Committee members, key staff and others as appropriate. Copies will be  
available at the meeting.  
All items on the agenda are subject to action and/or change by the Committee. Actions recommended  
by staff are subject to change by the Committee.