Map of the Month

Each month a new map is presented to the Commission to help explain important trends in the Bay Area, across the nation and around the world. These custom-crafted maps are prepared by MTC’s Data & Visualization team.

November 2013

Regional Transportation Plan Breakdown Of Funding Allocations By Type: America'S Top 20 Most Populated Mpos

Metropolitan areas, the powerhouses of the nation's economy, are pursuing a diverse range of strategies to improve their transportation systems - by expanding public transit, widening roadways, and preserving existing infrastructure built by prior generations. By examining long-range funding allocations for America's most populous 20 metropolitan planning organizations (MPOs), the distribution of funding for operations and maintenance (O&M;) versus expansion, as well as roadways versus public transit, can be identified. Aging regions (New York, Boston, Chicago, Philadelphia and Pittsburgh) are spending large shares of their regional funding on preserving existing road and transit infrastructure; newer regions with rapid growth are pursuing different strategies, some heavily dependent on highway expansion (Denver, Dallas, Phoenix) and others with a more balanced approach incorporating substantial investment in fixed-guideway transit systems (Los Angeles, San Diego).