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Fund Management System

MTC’s Fund Management System, or FMS, allows agencies and individuals outside our organization to interact with our transportation project funding data.

Visit our FMS website. 

For the Public

FMS can be used as a tool to query projects and revisions. Print or save your results to common file formats such as Microsoft Word and Excel, or Adobe Acrobat.

A map for each project is also included, which better describes the project’s location.

Transit Operators & Project Sponsors

You are able to enter the FMS Secure Portal to edit funding information.

This section is secured by user authentication. By signing into the secure portal, access is granted to MTC’s Universal Application to propose new transportation projects or to make revisions to existing projects.

Universal Funding Application

MTC’s Universal Application is an application area set up for staff of transit operators, county congestion management agencies, and other project sponsors.

Staff from these agencies can propose new projects to MTC, propose revisions to existing projects, view submitted applications, or edit current applications.

You must be authorized in order to sign into the FMS Secure Portal to access the Universal Application.

Visit our FMS website.