StreetSaver® | Getting Around


To help cities, counties and other roadway owners get bigger returns on their pavement maintenance investments, MTC developed StreetSaver.


Our award-winning software helps pavement management teams:

  • Plan and manage roadway improvement projects
  • Allocate limited pavement budgets to deliver the most good
  • Document budget needs and shortfalls
  • Predict the future condition of pavement at different levels of funding
  • Demonstrate the impacts of underfunded road programs

Visit the StreetSaver website to sign up, and get the details.

A new companion to StreetSaver is MobileRater™ for Android, an app for collecting pavement data on the go.

Designed to let pavement inspectors record their data quickly and accurately, the MobileRater™ app records multiple distresses at the same time and can calculate pavement condition index scores on the spot.