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Presentations made by MTC staff are available for download. Scroll through the list below, or search the Digital Library with the keyword 'presentation.'


Overview of the CASA Compact Solano City County Coordinating Council Housing Summit, February 2019
Transportation in Transition Greenbelt Alliance Leadership Circle Event, January 2019


Top Ten Ways to Be a Better MPO: A Farewell Address AMPO Annual Meeting, San Antonio, TX, September 2018


Warming Climate, Overheating Housing Market Lake Arrowhead Symposium 2017
ABAG and MTC: Serving the Region East Bay Economic Development Council
Bay Area Planning Directors Association
Future Interstate Study Institute of Transportation Studies
The Impact of Emerging Technologies NARC’s 51st Annual Conference & Exhibition
One Bay Area Grant (OBAG 2) Program Overview CalCOG
Looking Forward: ITS in the Bay Area UC Berkeley College of Engineering, PATH @30 Symposium
Is It Time for Regional Measure 3? CFEE Conference, Napa
Two Steps Forward, One Step Back: Improving Access During an Economic Boom TRB Annual Meeting


Accentuate the Positive, Eliminate the Negative Transportation Symposium, Portland State University
Transbay Transit CenterProgram Overview Southern Nevada Tourism Infrastructure Committee


Transit and the Bay Area’s Housing Shortage Rail~Volution, Dallas, Texas
Fragile or Agile? UCLA Lake Arrowhead Symposium 2015
Innovative Ideas from the Bay Area — A Disclaimer APTA Annual Meeting
Bay Area Transportation: Where We’ve Been, Where We’re Going Assembly Select Committee
Bay Area Transportation: Where We’ve Been, Where We’re Going Bay Area Council
Not Your Grandfather’s MPO Transportation Research Board
ADA 20 Committee, Metropolitan Policy, Planning and Processes


Silicon Valley Transportation Update Silicon Valley Leadership Group
Plan Bay Area: The Bay Area’s Land Use and Transportation Plan InterCity Leadership Visit, San Francisco, California
Measuring Up: More Bang for the Buck in Transportation Project Selection Transportation For America, Boston
Battle of the Acronyms: CBO vs. PPP CFEE Roundtable
Making a Compelling Case: Performance-Driven Investments in the Post-Interstate Era   SSTI Biannual Meeting
Plan Bay Area – The Region’s Land Use and Transportation Plan HUD-DOT-EPA Partnership for Sustainable Communities
The National Commissions — Five Years On IBTTA Legislative Summit
Plan Bay Area – The Bay Area’s Land Use and Transportation Plan New Partners for Smart Growth Conference
State Senate Committee on Transportation and Housing Testimony of Steve Heminger, Chair Toll Bridge Program Oversight Committee
State Capitol, Sacramento


MAP-21: The Next Generation of MPO Performance-Based Planning Transportation Research Board
America's Metropolitan Areas: Hubs of Transportation Innovation and Economic Growth   Transportation Research Board
Basic Maintenance: The Foundation for Posterity Senate Budget Subcommittee #2
MTC Overview Bay Area Council
Mobility in the San Francisco Bay Area ITS World Congress, Tokyo, Japan
Plan Bay Area – The Region’s Land Use and Transportation Plan McKnight Foundation – Bay Area Site Visit
Regional Transportation Decision-Making in California 2013 Urban Studies Forum: Transportation for the Next Economy
University of Washington, Tacoma
Plan Bay Area Preferred Scenario-Overview CTF Transportation Forum
Trends in U.S. Transportation Systems: Freight Transportation Research Board


Future Funding for Metropolitan Transportation Investment: Local Initiatives to Raise Revenue Eno Center for Transportation’s 15th Annual Policy Forum
ITS’s Role in Supporting Sustainable Mobility in San Francisco Bay Area ITS World Congress
Vienna, Austria
Are the Yanks Still Coming? Australian Transport Summi
Making a Compelling Case: Using Performance Analysis to Guide Project Selection in the Bay Area  TRB Conference, Denver, CO