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BART Begins Rollout of TransLink

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

BART riders are discovering the joys of TransLink, the new, more convenient way to pay for transit rides in the San Francisco Bay Area. The TransLink fare payment system has been installed on BART's fare gates, and became operational on the four-county rail system this week. Over the next several months, BART will be rolling out TransLink to limited groups of BART customers, an approach that will ensure that technical issues are resolved as the agency prepares to promote TransLink to all BART customers.

A select group of BART's EZ Rider customers have been invited to try TransLink. Just like the EZ Rider card, the reloadable TransLink card stores value and can be used for fare payment on BART in place of the magnetic-stripe paper ticket. Rollout participants can use the TransLink card just like their EZ Rider card — load it with value, tag it on the same disk at the fare gates, and never worry about having enough fare for their next BART ride again.

While EZ Rider was designed just for use on BART, TransLink is a regional transit fare card engineered by MTC that is also accepted by San Francisco Muni, AC Transit, Golden Gate Transit and Ferry, and Dumbarton Express. Eventually, all Bay Area transit agencies will accept TransLink, and Bay Area transit riders will be able to use one card to pay their fares on different transit systems — no more worrying about exact change or carrying multiple passes. TransLink customers who receive pre-tax transit benefits (like Commuter Check or WageWorks) can use their benefits to load value onto their card. 

Rollout participants should carry an EZ Rider card or a paper BART ticket as back-up fare payment. As TransLink is not accepted for parking payment, participants who normally use EZ Rider to pay for parking at one of BART's lots will need to keep using their EZ Rider card.

Get Your TransLink Card

To order a TransLink card, please click here. You will be asked to create a "My TransLink" account, which will allow you to manage your TransLink card online.

When prompted, add a BART High Value Discount ticket to your card and set up Autoload. You can choose between the $48 High Value Discount ticket (paying only $45) or a $64 High Value Discount ticket (paying only $60). As with EZ Rider, when your High Value Discount balance falls below $10, TransLink will automatically reload another High Value Discount ticket and charge your designated credit card or bank account. Setting up Autoload will also waive the $5 card fee that is normally charged. Your new TransLink card should arrive by mail within two weeks.

Rollout participants may be asked to provide feedback on their experiences through online surveys.

Note: Riders who already possess a TransLink card can now use it on BART as well so long as the card is loaded with sufficient e-cash value or a BART ticket. Muni riders with a Muni monthly Fast Pass loaded onto their TransLink card can use it on BART for trips entirely within San Francisco.

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