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Caltrain Introduces TransLink

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Caltrain is seeking participants for the soft launch of the TransLink® system on its rail system.

Rollout participants will receive a free TransLink card with $12.50 in cash value (e-cash) already loaded onto the card. They can then load additional value as needed in the form of three Caltrain products: an adult Caltrain Monthly Pass, adult 8-ride tickets or more e-cash. The program will be expanded in the future to include more fare products.

TransLink can also be used on BART, Muni, AC Transit and Golden Gate Transit and Ferry by adding value accepted by those agencies.


To be a TransLink rollout participant, you must:

  • Answer a few questions regarding your use of Caltrain.
  • Provide Caltrain with your first and last name, address, email address and phone number (your card will be mailed to you).
  • Commit to using your TransLink card on Caltrain on a regular basis.
  • Respond weekly to an online survey about your experience.
  • Current TransLink card holders can also participate in the Caltrain rollout.

To sign up for a new card or to use your existing card, go to:

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