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MTC Invites Bay Area Residents to Get Involved in Transportation Planning

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

OAKLAND, CA — The Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) wants advice on how to involve more Bay Area residents in its transportation planning and investment decisions. The Commission has released its 2007 Revised Draft Public Participation Plan for review and comment.

“The need to move about in our daily lives is a common thread that our diverse region shares. Because transportation touches all of us, we want to involve — and learn from — as many as possible. An informed and engaged citizenry is vital to shaping transportation policies and investments that will help our region confront the challenges of traffic congestion, clean air, climate change and access to mobility,” said MTC Chair and Napa County Supervisor Bill Dodd.

SAFETEA, the federal transportation program signed into law in 2005, requires metropolitan planning organizations such as MTC to adopt plans for providing members of the public ample opportunity to get involved in the transportation planning process. In response to comments received on a May 2007 Draft Public Participation Plan, MTC retooled and clarified the document and has reissued it for public review.

Key elements of MTC’s draft plan include frequent consultation with citizen advisory panels; mail and e-mail notification of upcoming meetings, workshops and other forums; a robust Web site allowing the public to listen to live or archived meetings, and to comment on issues before the Commission; a range of techniques for involving low-income communities and communities of color; a team of agency staff dedicated to public outreach and assistance; an array of publications available free of charge; translation of printed materials into multiple languages; and translation services available upon request at MTC meetings.

Public comments will be accepted through 4 p.m. on September 4, 2007. Members of the public are encouraged to e-mail comments to, or submit comments via regular mail to the MTC Public Information Department at 101 8th St., Oakland, CA, 94607. MTC is expected to adopt a final plan in late September.

To obtain a copy of the 2007 Revised Draft Public Participation Plan, visit the MTC Web site at:, or call the MTC Library at 510.817.5836.

MTC is the nine-county San Francisco Bay Area’s transportation planning, coordinating and financing agency.

Ellen Griffin, MTC: (415) 778-5254
Catalina Alvarado, MTC: (510) 817-5783

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