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2016 MTC Awards: Meet the Winners: Overview

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Since 1977, MTC has honored people and programs helping to move the Bay Area forward. And while our transportation network and travel patterns may have changed, the abundance of creativity and commitment to improving regional mobility continues.

Today MTC honors a select group of 13 winners. Many of our honorees have a noticeable focus on children, be it pioneering programs to create safer routes to school, the design and construction of an undercrossing for school kids across dangerous railroad tracks, the creation of a safe and reliable school bus system, or a mentoring program to introduce teenage girls to the world of transportation careers. Other programs help seniors, low-income residents and people with disabilities. The winning individuals and organizations represent a wide range of professions as well — a bus driver, an inventor, a bridge engineer, a pair of housing developers, a lawmaker, and a volunteer bike mechanic donating hundreds of hours of his own time to make a difference in others’ lives.

While acting separately across all corners of our region, the award winners are working toward a common goal: ensuring that Bay Area residents have access to safe, reliable transportation as well as to decent housing. Each has contributed time and talent to help keep the Bay Area moving. Thank you for joining us in honoring our 2016 winners.

Kids in crosswalk on their way to school

Like widening ripples in a pool, the work of Deb Hubsmith to create safe, active transportation for children and adults has spread from Marin County to the entire Bay Area, California and the nation.

For his leadership in winning passage of Assembly Bill 516, the Temporary License Plate bill, Assembly Speaker pro Tem Kevin Mullin, who represents San Mateo County’s District 22, is receiving MTC’s distinguished John F. Foran Legislative Award.

Billy Bradford with bicycles

Billy Bradford acknowledges that acquiring old bikes, repairing them in his garage and then giving them away for free is a “bad business model,” but it’s what he loves doing. “I can’t fix all the problems (of the world), but I can fix bikes,” he said. “Life is short. Have fun.”

SAS Tower, San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge Eat Span

Dr. Brian Maroney, chief engineer for Caltrans’ Toll Bridge Program, is widely recognized not only for his extensive engineering knowledge, but also for his ability to explain highly technical issues in layman’s terms.

Articulated Muni bus

Jose Macasocol is a familiar face to hundreds of riders who board his bus every day and recognize the friendly, courteous and helpful driver who cares especially about seniors and disabled passengers and those with young children in tow.

Dr. Joshua Miele, a scientist with the Smith-Kettlewell Eye Research Institute, and Greg Kehret, director of the LightHouse for the Blind and Visually Impaired’s Media and Access Design Lab, designed and produced Braille and tactile maps of BART and San Francisco’s Muni Metro stations.

Golden Gate Bridge from Crissy Field

Thanks to an innovative $30 million moveable median barrier, completed in January 2015, head-on collisions on the Golden Gate Bridge are a thing of the past, and driving is a lot safer for the 2.5 million vehicles per month that cross the iconic 1.7-mile span.

Two non-profit housing developers are filling an urgent need in the  Bay Area for affordable, transit accessible housing.

Free South San Francisco shuttle

The South City Community Shuttle began operation in November 2014 and is providing free transportation to more than 250 seniors, students and commuters per day in South San Francisco.

Wheelchair user boarding Solano Transportation Authority bus

Over the past several years, the Solano Transportation Authority (STA) has made an all-out effort to identify the transportation needs of the county’s most disadvantaged residents — seniors, disabled and low-income individuals — and come up with solutions.

Dixon West B Street Undercrossing with bicyclists

For schoolchildren and other pedestrians and bicyclists, crossing the railroad tracks near the city of Dixon’s historic downtown is a lot safer these days, thanks to an undercrossing completed in 2015.

In the early 1980s, a group of Sonoma County school superintendents formed the West County Transportation Agency (WCTA) as a joint powers authority to provide transportation for all of their students in a safe, cooperative, cost effective and “child centered” manner.

Girls in the Transportation YOU program in Washington, D.C.

Behind-the-scenes tours of major new transportation projects, such as the new East Span of the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge, the Caldecott Tunnel Fourth Bore and the Oakland Airport Connector, are part of the Transportation YOU mentoring program that introduces teen girls, ages 13–18, to a wide variety of transportation careers.

Videos and photo galleries

Bill Bradford in his garage with bicycles and a vintage truck
Meet the 15 people, projects and organizations that were honored for exceptional contributions to Bay Area transportation at this year's MTC Transportation Awards.
MTC Transportation Awards trophies sit on a table, each labelled with the name of the award presenter and winner.
The Metropolitan Transportation Commission presented 13 “Excellence in Motion” awards during a ceremony on Wednesday, Oct. 26.
The 2016 Grand Award goes posthumously to Deb Hubsmith as a reminder of the impact that one passionate, tenacious individual can make.
The Bay Area’s own Assembly Speaker pro Tempore, Kevin Mullin, is the recipient of the 2016 John F. Foran Legislative Award for authoring Assembly Bill 516 and carrying it across the finish line to be signed into law in July 2016 by Governor Brown.
Billy Bradford acknowledges that acquiring old bikes, repairing them in his garage and then giving them away for free is a “bad business model,” but it’s what he loves doing. “I can’t fix all the problems (of the world), but I can fix bikes,” he said.
Brian Maroney, who serves as Caltrans’ chief bridge engineer, has been a leader in the area of bridge seismic safety for 32 years and has worked on most of the bridges and transportation structures in the Bay Area.
Jose Macasocol, a transit operator for the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency, receives the David Tannehill Special Employee Award for practicing safety and courtesy every day on the job as a bus driver.
Dr. Joshua Miele of the Smith-Kettlewell Eye Research Institute and Greg Kehret of LightHouse for the Blind and Visually Impaired invented Braille and tactile maps that allow blind and visually impaired persons to navigate in BART and Muni Metro stations.
The Golden Gate Bridge, Highway and Transportation District was given a MTC Award of Merit for successfully installing the Moveable Median Barrier and making related traffic control improvements.
MidPen Housing and Eden Housing, two non-profit organizations, for providing affordable transit-oriented developments for low-income residents including families, the formerly homeless, disabled persons and seniors.
The Free South San Francisco Community shuttle, operated by the city of South San Francisco, provides transportation services to students, as well as to low-income and disabled residents, after a major bus route was eliminated.
Solano Mobility, winner of a MTC Award of Merit, is a Solano Transportation Authority program that identifies and addresses the needs of seniors, disabled and low-income residents.
One of this year's Award of Merit winners is the West B Street Undercrossing in the city of Dixon, which created a safe route under railroad tracks for students, disabled persons and other residents, and encourages walking and biking.
The West County Transportation Agency, a joint powers authority of 16 school districts in Sonoma County, was presented an Award of Merit for providing transportation for all students, including the disabled, in a safe and efficient manner.
The San Francisco Bay Area Chapter of Transportation YOU encourages girls to become interested in the field of transportation and to take math and science courses to fulfill that goal.

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