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Thursday, January 11, 2018

Resilient by Design | Bay Area Challenge is a collaborative research and design initiative that connects design leaders to community members, local leaders, and national experts. In a yearlong challenge, 10 Design Teams of landscape architects, engineers, designers, and other experts will work alongside community members and local government to identify critical areas along the San Francisco Bayfront and propose exciting new solutions that will strengthen our region’s resilience to sea level rise, severe storms, flooding, and earthquakes.

The Challenge will result in 10 new implementable solutions designed to help communities adapt to the future effects of climate change. These solutions will be designed to improve public access to recreation areas, address housing issues, protect vulnerable infrastructure, and strengthen transportation systems.

The Challenge was modeled on New York Rebuild by Design, a partnership of The Rockefeller Foundation and the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). The Challenge will forge close ties with 100 Resilient Cities, a network pioneered by The Rockefeller Foundation, of which San Francisco, Oakland, and Berkeley are members. 100 Resilient Cities is seeking to help 100 cities build resilience to thrive in 21st-century.

The Resilient by Design Executive Board is made up of leaders around the region representing governments, agencies, nonprofits, and advocacy groups throughout the Bay Area. The Rockefeller Foundation is providing major funding for this effort, along with other generous funders including The California State Coastal Conservancy, Bay Area Regional Collaborative, The Seed Fund, Santa Clara Valley Water District, City and County of San Francisco, Resources Legacy Fund, Marin Community Foundation, Pacific Gas and Electric, and Metropolitan Transportation Commission. Learn more at www.resilientbayarea.org.

Resilient by Design Guiding Principles:

Resilient by Design developed guiding principles for the Design Phase. Design Teams are expected to integrate the Resilient by Design guiding principles for an inclusive, equitable and collaborative design process. More details on the Guiding Principles can be found here:

  • Address multifaceted, dynamic issues through collaboration, coordination, and connection.
  • Prepare vulnerable communities for a resilient future by addressing our shared history, ecological, economic, and social vulnerabilities that still exist today.
  • Integrate social and ecological systems through rigorous research and a strong understanding of ecosystems, local community, and government challenges.
  • Integrate principles to sustain biodiversity and ecological functions.
  • Merge local, regional, and international knowledge with technical expertise toward implementable and creative design-driven ideas.
  • Acknowledge place and the First Nations of the Bay Area.
  • Develop equitable planning and development practices where community members are true collaborators and participate as equal partners at every level of design formation.
  • Leverage community knowledge and integrate into the design process to improve and not displace community members' lives.

Website: www.resilientbayarea.org
Instagram: www.instagram.com/resilientbayarea
Facebook: www.fb.com/resilientbayarea
Twitter: www.twitter.com/resilientbay

Videos and photo galleries

Design Teams embark in Suisun City to meet with city officials after taking a boat ride up the Delta.
Resilient By Design: North Bay Tours
Design teams make their trek on the walkway of the Don Edwards Wildlife Refuge as the sun sets
Resilient By Design: South Bay Tours

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