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Case Studies of Regional Vulnerabilities

Monday, December 18, 2017

Finally, the report details four regional vulnerabilities along the Bay’s shore and along fault lines that affect transportation, housing, disadvantaged communities and natural areas. The report examines how these vulnerabilities play out on the ground in locations including Oakland, San Rafael, East Palo Alto and Hayward. In each case, the report provides an overview of the regional assets at risk in the event of disaster, the impacts of disruption, as well as strategies for adaptation, planning, and regional and local response.

  • Case Study 1 – Oakland Coliseum Area and Bay Farm Island, Alameda County: This case study examines vulnerable transportation infrastructure, including shoreline corridors and the vast majority of locations prioritized for future development around the area’s transportation hubs.

Coliseum Area Flooding with Sea Level Rise

  • Case Study 2 – Central San Rafael and the Canal District, Marin County: This case study examines vulnerable housing, especially older and multi-family homes in need of seismic retrofits and more flood protection.

Flood Risk to Fragile Housing in San Rafael

  • Case Study 3 – East Palo Alto, San Mateo County: This case study examines disadvantaged and vulnerable communities that may lack the resources or information to prepare for, survive or recover from a disaster.

Sea Level Rise in East Palo Alto

  • Case Study 4 – Hayward Shoreline, Alameda County: This case study examines natural areas along shorelines (including parks, trails and wildlife habitats) at the frontline of risk from rising seas.

Addressing all four of these vulnerabilities in an integrated fashion — with regional leadership, funding commitments, a priority on equity and technical support for all — will reduce risks, strengthen regional resilience and provide the foundation for the development of an integrated Regional Resilience Plan.

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