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MTC-ABAG Library: Information for the Asking

Are you researching transportation planning, demographics, economic trends or public policy issues?

MTC-ABAG Library
Peter Beeler

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Our collection of 15,000 books, periodicals and reports, includes:

  • All MTC and ABAG publications
  • Local, California and federal government documents
  • Local general plans and environmental reports
  • Traffic counts and forecasts
  • Bridge and construction reports
  • Demographic data - including U.S. Census
  • Earthquake maps

Our Services

  • The Library collection is open to the public by appointment
  • Some reference assistance is still available by telephone or email

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Bay Bridge Collection

The Library collection is temporarily unavailable but will be open to the public by appointment after MTC moves to our new location is San Francisco.

Call or email the library with questions, some reference services are still available.

Phone: (415) 778-5236


MTC-ABAG Library
375 Beale Street, Suite 800
San Francisco, CA 94105


Head Librarian: Julie Tunnell

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If you have any questions, email