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Vital Signs

MTC is monitoring the Bay Area’s performance on a range of measures to better understand where our region is succeeding, and where it is falling short.

We make better decisions about transportation, land use, the environment and the economy by collecting our region’s vital signs.

Vital Signs logo with San Francisco and Bay Bridge background

MTC developed Vital Signs – an interactive website that tracks what we’re doing now, what we’ve done in the past, and where we’re headed in the future.

Visit Vital Signs and find out how we’re doing.

We invite you to discover:

  • Which freeway is the most congested?
  • Is my commute time going up?
  • How many more people ride BART than AC Transit?
  • Where are rents rising fastest? Home prices?
  • Are potholes worse in my neighborhood than elsewhere?
  • How does the Bay Area compare to other major metro areas?
  • Is our air clean?

Find out how we measure the “health” of our infrastructure, housing, economy and environment.  Get the stats at Vital Signs

Are you a student or researcher? Visit the Vital Signs data center and sort MTC information the way you need it.

You can dive deeper into our information and draw your own conclusions.

New data is added frequently. To learn more, visit the Vital Signs data center.

MTC collects even more data that we share with the public.

Visit our Data Portal Website for our Spatial and Modeling libraries.