MTC is responsible for planning, financing and coordinating a transportation system owned by scores of different agencies serving nearly 8 million people in nine counties and 101 cities.

We frequently negotiate agreements among various agencies and promote the Bay Area’s transportation priorities at the federal and state levels of government.

Photo by Rogelio Gonzalez/Unsplash

MTC spotlights the Bay Area’s transportation needs, and work with local agencies to lay out a unified strategy for meeting these needs.

We help the Bay Area put its best foot forward in the intense competition for federal and state funding. Whether testifying in Washington or Sacramento for transportation investment, or making a case for a policy change at the local level – MTC advocates for the region's interests as a whole.

Federal Advocacy

MTC is a strong advocate in Washington, D.C. for the Bay Area’s transportation priorities.

State Advocacy

MTC ensures the Bay Area has a place at the table by helping inform and shape new legislative proposals in Sacramento.

Regional Leadership

MTC’s leadership helps secure adequate funding for all Bay Area transportation needs — local streets and roads, highways, public transit, and bicycle and pedestrian projects.

Investment Strategies & Commitments

MTC investments help maintain the Bay Area’s existing transportation network, while creating opportunities for innovative new transportation projects. Learn more.

A road repair person driving a road roller over fresh pavement.