Priority Sites

Priority Sites are places that are planned for a large number of homes that are affordable to households with a wide range of incomes. The plans also include essential services, green space, and local and regional destinations.


A Priority Site could be a declining mall, a recently closed public facility, a transit station parking lot or unused school district land. With thoughtful planning and targeted investment, these sites can become centers of the community that will house longtime residents while also welcoming new ones, and provide local and regional services.

Priority Sites Concept Paper

In Plan Bay Area 2050 – the region’s long-range plan for transportation, housing, the economy and the environment – projects on potential Priority Sites are expected to add well over 300,000 new homes. Most will be within walking distance of regional transit, and they are on sites that are included as part of two key Plan Bay Area 2050 strategies: Mall and Office Park Reuse; and Public Land Reuse. Many of these sites are also part of a local Housing Elements or Priority Development Area plan.

The Priority Sites Concept Paper draws on interviews, research and case studies to identify challenges and opportunities to advancing these sites in the Bay Area. The paper also introduces a Priority Sites Pilot Program that will create a pipeline of locally prioritized, regionally significant sites and deliver the support needed to complete projects on these sites.

Priority Sites Pilot Program

Launching in late 2022, the Priority Sites Pilot Program will provide technical assistance and funding for sites nominated by local governments and affordable housing developers. Check back to this web page for updates.

Webinar: Bay Area Priority Sites Pilot Program

MTC and Association of Bay Area Governments staff hosted a webinar on September 21, 2022 to highlight findings from the Priority Sites Concept Paper and provide further insight into the pilot program’s proposed approach to advancing major reuse projects.

Plan Bay Area 2050

Read "Chapter 2: Housing" of Plan Bay Area 2050.

This chapter explores how the locations where housing is built, and in what form, can impact the greatest challenges facing the Bay Area today. These challenges include housing unaffordability, exclusion from opportunity and greenhouse gas emissions.

Plan Bay Area 2050 promotes stable and affordable housing that all Bay Area residents can rely on. The plan’s housing strategies aim to protect and preserve affordable housing, spur housing production for residents at all income levels, and create inclusive communities.