Forward Commute Initiatives

The “Forward” commute initiatives are a series of projects designed to improve commuting and to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

MTC has created several initiatives — Bay Bridge Forward, Dumbarton Forward, Napa Valley Forward and Richmond-San Rafael Forward —  that are designed to:

  • Move more people in fewer vehicles through key travel corridors
  • Improve commute times
  • Reinforce the larger statewide effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions

The Forward initiatives use several different strategies and goals, including:

  • All-electronic tolling
  • Extensions of High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) lanes
  • Dedicated transit lanes
  • Adjusting traffic lights to speed buses through (transit signal prioritizing and adaptive signal timing)
  • Increased express bus service
  • Carpool and vanpool programs
  • Commuter parking programs to encourage carpooling
  • Programs to encourage biking and walking