Clipper® BayPass

The Clipper® BayPass pilot program is designed to measure how an all-system pass could impact travel in the Bay Area.

The Clipper® BayPass pilot program is providing a group of test users with free access to all bus, rail and ferry services in the nine-county region. The pilot is designed to measure how an all-system pass could impact travel in the Bay Area.

Pilot Participants

A group of 50,000 Bay Area students and residents have been invited to participate in the program, which will offer free access to all bus, rail and ferry services in the nine-county region. The Clipper BayPass pilot is not seeking additional participants at this time.

Qualifying individuals include:

  • 9,000 students at San Francisco State University
  • 7,000 students at San Jose State University
  • 12,000 students the University of California’s Berkeley campus
  • All students at Santa Rosa Junior College
  • All residents of select affordable housing communities managed by MidPen Housing in Alameda, San Mateo, Santa Clara, and Solano counties.

A Customer-Focused System

The Clipper BayPass program kicks off the recommendations of the Fare Coordination/Integration Study, which focused on creating a more customer-friendly transit fare system in the Bay Area. The Clipper BayPass pilot program will help shape the development, pricing and implementation of one or more new Bay Area multi-agency transit passes or fare caps. Delivery of further fare policy actions called for in the study is expected over the coming years.

MTC will provide funds for the two-year pilot program to transit agencies to offset the revenue impacts of the Clipper BayPass pilot.

Clipper BayPass Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if I am eligible for a Clipper BayPass?

Students at the pilot educational institutions will be contacted directly by their school to let them know that they are eligible for Clipper BayPass. Residents of MidPen Housing properties that are participating in the pilot will be made aware of the program by on-site property management.

When will a program like this be available to other organizations?

In 2023, the project team expects to expand the Clipper BayPass pilot to at least ten Bay Area employers of various sizes. This second phase of the pilot program will offer the pass, for purchase, to organizations which are interested in offering their employees an unlimited Bay Area transit pass. After the two-year pilot, and based on results from the pilot, MTC and transit agencies hope to offer a permanent program to any interested organization/employer in the Bay Area.

If I’m participating in Clipper BayPass, do I have to tag my card?

Yes. Your Clipper Card must be tagged on the Clipper reader on the bus, station, dock, platform or with a transit agency staff member in order for your fare to be considered valid.

I have a Clipper BayPass, who should I contact with questions about my Clipper BayPass?

Please first contact your institution’s transit pass office (likely where you picked up your ID or Clipper Card). You can always contact Clipper Customer Service with general questions about Clipper.

Who do I contact with a question about transit fare policy and Clipper BayPass?

For questions about Clipper BayPass policy and program management, please contact:

William Bacon, MTC
Phone: 415-778-6628
Email: wbacon@bayareametro.gov

Michael Eiseman, BART
Phone: 510-464-6435
Email: MEisema@bart.gov

Does Clipper BayPass cover trips on paratransit?

Clipper BayPass only provides valid fare for trips on fixed-route transit on transit operators that accept Clipper Cards. Paratransit trips are not included in the Clipper BayPass program.


Clipper is accepted by all of the Bay Area’s 20+ transit agencies, It holds cash value, transit passes or a both. Clipper can also be used to unlock Bay Wheels bike share bikes.

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