Federal Funding

MTC plays a critical role in how federal transportation dollars are spent in the Bay Area.

Karl Nielsen

To make the best use of federal transportation dollars and to qualify for more funding whenever possible, MTC makes recommendations for how federal dollars are spent and complies with project delivery regulations.

Prioritizing Our Dollars

There are more than 20 different transit agencies in the Bay Area. With so many transit agencies competing for the same resources, MTC has created a process to make sure that federal dollars go to the projects with the most significant impact for Bay Area residents.

Learn more about current and historic federally funded projects and how MTC delivers them.

Federal Highway Administration Grants 

MTC distributes Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) funds to projects throughout the Bay Area that have been identified in the regional long-range transportation plan, Plan Bay Area.

Federal Transit Administration Grants

MTC distributes money to Bay Area transit agencies from many different sources — including the Federal Transit Administration — to maintain and modernize the region’s transit network.

Project Delivery

Federally funded projects have specific requirements. MTC’s Regional Project Delivery Policy can help secure even more transportation dollars for the Bay Area.

Bipartisan Infrastructure Law (BIL) Competitive Grants

See details for the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law competitive grants.

A new BART train at Antioch station.