Priority Production Areas (PPAs)

Priority Production Areas (PPAs) boost businesses that are essential to our region’s economy, preserving industry and providing middle-wage jobs.

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The preservation and expansion of businesses are essential to the growth of the economy, and critical in ensuring that Bay Area residents have access to good, middle-wage jobs.

Priority Production Areas (PPA) identify clusters of industrial businesses and prioritize them for economic development investments and protection from competing land uses. These districts are already well-served by the region’s goods movement network.

Typical businesses in PPAs include manufacturing, distribution, warehousing and supply chains.

Good for the Regional Economy

Jobs in PPAs enable the industrial sector to thrive and grow. They also improve the lives of workers by making the basic costs of living more affordable. Many middle-wage PPA jobs do not require four-year college degrees, and they are close to more-affordable housing.

PPA Requirements

PPAs are nominated by local governments and adopted by the Association of Bay Area Governments. PPAs must be:

  • Zoned for industrial use or have predominantly industrial uses
  • Outside Priority Development Areas and other areas within walking distance of a major rail commute hub (such as BART, Caltrain, Amtrak or SMART)
  • Located in jurisdictions with a certified housing element

Regional Growth Framework

The Bay Area is expected to be home to an additional 1.4 million households by the year 2050. It is important that housing, transportation and other types of land use planning work together — as part of a regional growth framework — to make the best use of available resources. PPAs are a key piece of the Bay Area’s regional growth framework.

How Does an Area Become a PPA?

A local city council or board of supervisors nominates a PPA, which is then adopted by the Association of Bay Area Governments Executive Board. Local jurisdictions have defined over 30 PPAs since the program’s inception in 2019.

Part of Plan Bay Area 2050

The PPA program is in a pilot phase, as part of Plan Bay Area 2050, the region’s long-range land use and transportation plan.

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Plan Bay Area 2050+

Plan Bay Area 2050+ is the limited and focused update to the adopted plan, Plan Bay Area 2050.

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