Transit Transformation Action Plan

This plan aims to improve the Bay Area’s public transportation network to create a more user-friendly and connected system. It identifies key targets and actions to make this vision a reality.

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Bay Area Transit Transformation Action Plan

Read the Bay Area Transit Transformation Action Plan, released in 2021.

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From Task Force to Action Plan

In 2020, MTC created the Blue Ribbon Transit Recovery Task Force (Task Force) to set a course for public transit’s recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic. This group was charged with developing a Bay Area Transit Transformation Action Plan, identifying the actions needed to reshape the region’s transit system into a more connected, more efficient and more user-focused mobility network across the entire Bay Area – and beyond. Over a ten-month period, the Task Force actively debated among its members, listened to public comment and reached consensus on critical elements that informed the development of the Bay Area Transit Transformation Action Plan (Action Plan).

The Action Plan focuses on the near-term actions (within three years) needed to begin transforming a vulnerable and diffuse network into an improved system that attracts many more users.

What Does Transit Transformation Mean?

Design, adequately invest in and effectively manage a public transit network that is equitable, inclusive, frequent, affordable, accessible and reliable. Integrate with unified service, fares, schedules, customer information and identity. Serve all Bay Area populations, resulting in increased transit ridership and reduced growth in vehicle miles traveled.

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Desired Outcomes

The Action Plan identifies five areas that are central to achieving transit transformation: fares & payment; customer information; transit network; accessibility; and funding.

There are 27 associated actions distributed among these five desired outcomes. View the full list in the Transit Transformation Action Plan.

Fares & Payment

Simpler, consistent, and equitable fare and payment options attract more riders, incorporating the work of the Fare Integration Task Force.

Learn more about Transit Fare Coordination and Integration, including the latest work plan activities.

Customer Information

Integrated mapping, signage and real-time schedule information makes transit easier to navigate and more convenient for both new and existing riders. Learn more about MTC's work on wayfinding.

Transit Network

Bay Area transit services are equitably planned and integrally managed as a unified, efficient, and reliable network – incorporating the work of the Network Management Business Case Advisory Group.


Transit services for older adults, people with disabilities, and those with lower incomes are coordinated efficiently. Learn more about transit accessibility and the Access and Mobility Work Plan.


The Bay Area’s transit system uses its existing resources more efficiently and secures new, dedicated revenue to meet its capital and operating needs. Learn about MTC's funding investments.

Goals & Equity Principles

The Blue Ribbon Transit Recovery Task Force adopted goals and objectives in November 2020 and equity principles in January of 2021 to guide the development of a Transformation Action Plan. In March of 2021, the Task Force adopted a problem statement to identify issues or problems that transit network management reforms might help to resolve.

Staff Contacts

Melanie Choy, Director, Regional Network Management

William Bacon, Principal, Regional Network Management

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