Transit 2050+

Transit 2050+ aims to lay the foundation for a service-oriented, fiscally constrained transit network plan for the Bay Area.

MTC is working closely with the region’s transit operators on Transit 2050+ — a parallel long-range planning effort to Plan Bay Area 2050+ that will develop a first-of-its-kind plan to re-envision the future of the public transit network in the nine-county Bay Area.

Rapid changes in commute patterns brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as significant reductions in anticipated transit revenues through 2050, demand a comprehensive overhaul of the six transit-related strategies included in Plan Bay Area 2050.

Transit 2050+ will be responsible for updating these transit strategies with the goal of creating a comprehensive regional transit network concept. When finalized, this Transit 2050+ network concept will be incorporated into the Plan Bay Area 2050+ Final Blueprint in 2024.

Transit 2050+ had its origins in two previous planning efforts:

  • The Transit Transformation Action Plan, which aims to improve the Bay Area’s public transportation network to create a more user-friendly and connected system.
  • The Plan Bay Area 2050 Implementation Plan, which identified the development of a new transit modal plan known as the Connected Network Plan (CNP). The CNP would take a service-oriented approach to creating an aspirational transit vision for the Bay Area.

By considering and combining the goals of both plans, Transit 2050+ can re-imagine a Bay Area public transit system that is service-based, hub-oriented and fiscally responsible.


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Phase 1: Spring 2023 through Winter 2024

  • Goals and Outcomes
  • Network Definition
  • Existing Conditions Assessment
  • Needs, Gaps and Opportunities Assessment

Phase 2: Winter 2024 through Late 2024

  • Project Performance Assessment
  • Network Development
  • Network Performance Assessment

Phase 3: Fall 2024 through Fall 2025

  • Integration into Plan Bay Area 2050+ Final Blueprint
  • Transit 2050+ Supplemental Report