County Mobility Managers

County-based Mobility Managers help older adults, people with disabilities and people with low incomes find information and resources for transportation.

Photo courtesy of SFMTA

Older adults, people with disabilities and people with low incomes can contact their county’s Mobility Manager to find information and transportation services.

Mobility management is one recommendation in MTC’s Coordinated Public Transit-Human Services Transportation Plan, the Bay Area’s blueprint for planning, funding and coordinating transportation services for older adults, people with disabilities and low-income populations.

County Mobility Managers:

  • Educate people in need about transportation options that are available to them
  • Improve the mobility of traditionally underserved groups by helping them access available transportation resources
  • Increase the efficiency of the overall system of public transit and human service transportation through cross-agency coordination

How to Get Help

You have questions about how to find and qualify for accessible transportation. Your county’s Mobility Manager has answers. Below, find contact information for the Mobility Manager in your county.

Alameda County

Access Alameda

Phone: 510-208-7400

The Access Alameda website is provided to help individuals identify and connect with accessible transportation services in Alameda County, including public transit, Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) paratransit, city-based paratransit programs, and organizations that provide volunteer drivers and/or training on how to travel by using these services in Alameda County.

Tri City Mobility Management

Phone: 510-574-2053

In Fremont, Newark and Union City, mobility management provides information about transportation access to all callers. Assistance can be provided for a range of transportation needs, from needing wheelchair accessible transportation to assistance retesting for a driver’s license.

Contra Costa County

Mobility Matters

Phone: 925-284-6109
Phone: 855-234-RIDE (855-234-7433)

Works collaboratively with all types of transportation providers. Matches riders (seniors, veterans, people with disabilities and others needing help) with providers that best meets their individual mobility needs through the Transportation Information & Referral Helpline, utilizing a case management model. Also publishes a hard copy and online transportation guide called “Way To Go Contra Costa.” In addition, operates two free, door-through-door, one-on-one, volunteers driver programs called Rides for Seniors and Rides 4 Veterans.

West Contra Costa Transportation Commission
Mobility Managment for Seniors and Disabled Program

Phone: 510-210-5932
Connect with transportation providers in West Contra Costa County and learn how to ride transit and shuttles through Travel Training.

Marin County

Marin Access

Phone: 415-454-0902

Marin Access was designed and is sponsored by Marin Transit to coordinate transportation resources for Marin’s older adults, persons with disabilities and low-income residents, along with others who cannot or choose not to drive. Services include Marin Access Paratransit, Catch-A-Ride, Volunteer Driver, Travel Navigators and Travel Training.

Napa County


Phone: 707-259-8327

All vehicles used by the VINE family of local and regional transportation services are wheelchair accessible and conform to the standards set by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). The Vine also provides a free service called Transit Ambassadors, which provides a travel buddy to teach individuals everything they need to know to ride the bus. In addition, a transit ambassador will actually ride around town on the bus with the new rider until they feel comfortable travelling alone. Participants receive one 30-day bus pass for free.

San Francisco County

SF Paratransit

Phone: 415-285-6945

San Francisco’s Mobility Management Programs are designed to assist people with disabilities and seniors in navigating the city’s transportation options by offering information and recommending solutions that aid the rider in making the most suitable transportation choices. Services offered include travel training for groups and individuals unfamiliar with the public transportation system. Other services include:

  • SF Access – ADA Paratransit: SF Access is a pre-scheduled, shared-ride, ADA-compliant van service providing door-to-door transportation to certified riders. 
  • Paratransit Taxi & Ramp Taxi: Paratransit Taxi is a ride service that utilizes San Francisco taxis and ramp taxis available to the general public. This is not an ADA service, but many riders find that it better meets their transportation needs. Taxi service is available for certified riders.
  • Group Van: Group Van is a pre-scheduled van service providing door-to-door transportation to groups of ADA eligible riders attending certain agency programs such as Adult Day Health Care, senior centers or work sites.
  • Shop-a-Round: Shop-a-Round is a convenient, low-cost shuttle that makes it easier to go grocery shopping. The service offers registered seniors and people with disabilities personalized assistance not available on Muni. A rider must register for this service, but does not have to be ADA-paratransit eligible to use this service. Grouped riders are transported to select supermarkets in San Francisco to shop. The driver will help carry groceries on and off the shuttle upon request. 
  • Van Gogh: Van Gogh is a low-cost, pre-scheduled van shuttle service to groups of seniors and/or people with disabilities to attend social and cultural events in San Francisco through a social service agency or program.

San Mateo County

Mobility Ambassadors

Phone: 650-508-6362

The San Mateo County Senior Mobility Initiative is a joint effort by a broad coalition of concerned entities in San Mateo County, with the leadership of the San Mateo County Transit District (SamTrans), to keep older people – including those with disabilities – safe and connected to their communities as problems related to aging make it harder for them to get around. Services include Mobility Ambassadors, Senior Mobility Guide and the Information and Assistance Program.

Santa Clara County



OUTREACH is a public benefit nonprofit organization established in 1979 whose mission is “to connect multicultural seniors, persons with disabilities, low-income persons and veterans with the social services/case management services, transportation services, and with the mobility management services they need to live independently and with dignity. We do this with a person-centered holistic approach, applying technology and partnerships to achieve the highest benefit for individuals and our community.”

OUTREACH provides information and referrals on resources focused on mobility solutions for seniors, individuals with low incomes, veterans, persons with varying abilities and caregivers.

Solano County

Solano Mobility Call Center

Phone: 800-535-6883

The Solano Mobility Call Center provides assistance in getting to appointments, shopping, work, recreation and other destinations without driving. The Call Center has information on public, non-profit organization and private transportation services in and around Solano County.

Sonoma County

Sonoma Access

Phone: 2-1-1

Sonoma Access was designed, as a first step, to bring together information on all of the public, private and non-profit transportation options available in Sonoma County. Sonoma Access informs residents on these types of transportation services: Local and Regional Bus Service, Local and Regional Paratransit Service, Volunteer Driver Programs, Non-profit Agency Transportation Options, Private businesses that provide Transportation Options, Transportation Programs for Veterans, and Travel Training Programs that teach anyone how to ride the bus.

Paratransit Services

MTC helps to make paratransit available by providing funding to transit agencies that offer ADA paratransit services.

Paratransit Services