Transportation Electrification Planning & Program Strategy

The Transportation Electrification (TE) Planning & Program Strategy will help coordinate TE efforts in the Bay Area.

Michael Marais/Unsplash

MTC and partners have been developing separate programs and strategies to support transportation electrification (TE) in the Bay Area. The TE Planning & Program Strategy will provide the platform to:

  • Better coordinate programs between partners to avoid overlapping or confusing programs;
  • Fund more projects together; and
  • Jointly pursue additional state and federal funding opportunities. 

The TE Planning & Program Strategy will also include an evaluation of the new and existing programs to inform planning and future investments across the MTC Transportation Electrification initiatives program areas.  


This effort will build on previous plans, including the Bay Area Air Quality Management District's (BAAQMD's) Bay Area Plug-in Electric Vehicle Readiness Plan and Electric Vehicle Acceleration Plan. It will focus on near-term actions for both regional and local partners, including BAAQMD, county transportation authorities and community choice aggregators.

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Staff Contact

James Choe, Climate Program Manager
Phone: 415-778-6664