MTC invests in programs and projects that improve the transportation system, the regional economy and more.

Joey Kotfica

Maintaining, operating and improving the Bay Area’s transportation network takes money. MTC manages and distributes funds that build a stronger, more efficient and more resilient transportation system.

MTC directly distributes more than $1 billion a year to Bay Area transit agencies and other partners, and prioritizes requests from local agencies for millions more in limited state and federal funds.

Each year, the Commission allocates hundreds of millions of dollars for local streets and roads, highways, public transit, freight movement and bicycle/pedestrian facilities.

Acting as the Bay Area Toll Authority, MTC collects approximately $700 million a year in bridge tolls and allocates these funds:

  • For the operation and maintenance of the region's seven state-owned toll bridges
  • To help finance new highway and transit projects
  • To provide ongoing support for regional transit services

By investing in our transportation networks, MTC is investing in a resilient future for the Bay Area.

Investment Strategies & Commitments

MTC prioritizes investments that maintain and improve the Bay Area’s transportation network and protect the environment.

Funding Opportunities — Calls for Projects

MTC identifies new transportation projects and programs — and invites prospective sponsors to compete for funding.

Federal Funding

Learn about MTC’s important role in distributing federal transportation dollars throughout the Bay Area.

State Funding

MTC plays an important role in allocating state funds to regional transportation projects.

Cap & Trade Funding

California’s Cap and Trade program collects revenues to offset greenhouse gas emissions. MTC helps the Bay Area submit projects that will strongly compete against other regions for these funds.

Regional Funding

Toll funding finances major improvements to infrastructure, decreases traffic congestion, improves safety and creates more sustainable options for getting around.

Funds Management System (FMS)

The Fund Management System allows agencies and individuals outside MTC to interact with detailed transportation project funding data.

Transportation Improvement Program (TIP)

The Transportation Improvement Program is a comprehensive four-year regional spending plan — and it is required by federal law.