Federal Performance Targets

Federal law requires MTC to set performance targets for transportation goals such as reducing traffic fatalities and improving highway infrastructure.

Karl Nielsen

As the region’s metropolitan planning organization, MTC is responsible for setting short-range performance targets to comply with federal law and support national transportation goals.

Target areas include:

  • Safety
  • Infrastructure Condition
  • System Reliability
  • Freight Movement and Economic Vitality
  • Congestion Reduction
  • Environmental Sustainability

MTC has set targets for all 28 federally required performance measures. Progress toward these targets will be monitored regularly; and the targets will be updated based on the schedule established by federal guidelines.

Federal performance targets:

  • Ensure wise investment of federal transportation funds
  • Increase accountability and transparency in the region
  • Establish performance-based planning and programming decisions

Staff Contact

Adam Noelting, Regional Planning Program
Phone: 415-778-5366
Email: anoelting@bayareametro.gov

Performance Data

Track the Bay Area’s progress towards meeting targets for safety, infrastructure, reliability, freight, congestion and the environment.

See the data and analysis at Vital Signs.