Express Lanes START℠

Express Lanes START℠ provides adults with lower incomes living in the Bay Area the opportunity to drive in the Interstate 880 Express Lanes at discounted toll rates.

Express Lanes START is a trial program to make the I-880 Express Lanes more affordable for Bay Area residents who earn a low income. Drivers who meet eligibility requirements can apply and – if approved – get at least 50% off all tolled trips in the I-880 Express Lanes using FasTrak®. Since this is a trial program, the discount does not apply to other Bay Area Express Lanes.

Visit ExpressLanesStart.org

For more information and to see if you qualify, please visit the Express Lanes START pilot web site.

Visit ExpressLanesStart.org.

More Information

Am I eligible for Express Lanes START?

Residents of the nine-county Bay Area with a gross annual household income of up to 200% of the federal poverty level may be eligible. Visit ExpressLanesSTART.org for more details and to apply for Express Lanes START.

Program Timeline

Express Lanes START is an 18-month trial program that will be evaluated before MTC decides on the program’s future.

Frequently Asked Questions

Visit ExpressLanesStart.org for additional frequently asked questions.

Express Lanes START

Visit the Express Lanes START website to get started.

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Express Lanes

Learn more about Bay Area Express Lanes, and how to use them.

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