Project Delivery

Federally funded projects have specific requirements. By complying with MTC’s Regional Project Delivery Policy, MTC can help secure even more transportation dollars for the Bay Area.

Noah Berger

After a project has secured all of its necessary funding, the final step in constructing or implementing a transportation project is project delivery.

Federally-funded transportation projects carry with them a set of specific regulations and required procedures.

By meeting state-mandated delivery deadlines and targeted amounts, the Bay Area is eligible to receive even more transportation dollars from other regions throughout the state that are unable to deliver their projects.

Read MTC Resolution No. 3606 for details about project delivery requirements, including deadlines and amounts.

Project Delivery Policy

Key elements of MTC’s Regional Project Delivery Policy include:

  • Obligation requests must be submitted to Caltrans by November 1 of the year the funds are programmed in the Transportation Improvement Program (TIP)
  • Funds must be obligated by January 31 of the year the funds are programmed in the TIP
  • Once obligated, the project sponsor must submit invoice reimbursements at least once every six months
  • For funds contracted out, a contract must be awarded within 6 months of obligation
  • Projects that fail to meet these deadlines are subject to deprogramming by MTC. Project sponsors that do not comply with the delivery policy will be subject to limitations on programming in future years
  • After January 31, projects programmed in future years of the TIP may be approved for funding on a first-come, first-serve basis, depending upon the availability of funds


FY 2022-23 Obligation Plan

In fiscal year 2022-23, the Bay Area expects to deliver roughly 142 local federal-aid projects (or project phases) totaling roughly $193 million in these programs. Projects included in the annual obligation plan have priority for funding in the coming year.·

Archive of Previous Annual Obligation Plans

Annual Obligations

Each year, MTC is required to report the list of projects within the Bay Area that have obligated* federal funds.

*The term obligation indicates that the sponsor of the project has received authorization from the Department of Transportation to spend federal funds.