SF Bay Water Trail

The San Francisco Bay Water Trail is a growing network of designated launching and landing sites — or “trailheads” — for non-motorized boats around San Francisco Bay.

Ben Botkin

San Francisco Bay is the jewel of our region — a natural resource, a source of beauty and a home for key transportation infrastructure — boats, bridges, ferries and more.

The San Francisco Bay Water Trail network enables small, non-motorized boat users to enjoy the historic, scenic, cultural and environmental richness of San Francisco Bay and its nearby tributary waters.

The Water Trail promotes safe and responsible use of the Bay. Education and strategic planning programs work to protect and foster appreciation of these precious environmental resources.

The Water Trail’s network of sites encourages people to explore the Bay in different boat types (such as kayaks, sailboards, dragon boats and stand up paddleboards) and in a variety of settings through single- and multi-day trips. Potentially, more than 100 existing marinas, waterfront parks, and other publicly accessible sites will become part of the Water Trail.

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Learn about launching and landing sites for non-motorized boats around San Francisco Bay.

Kayakers enjoy the Alviso Slough in Santa Clara County
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