Bring your furry friend along and enjoy the trail together at these great spots for dogs — just a few of the places where pups can play by the bay.

Ben Botkin

Crissy Field (San Francisco)

Your dog will love the sand and surf at this designated off-leash beach. Includes doggie water fountain and washing station.

Eco Center (at Heron’s Head Park) Dog Run (San Francisco)

Bring Fido here to the dog run next to the Eco Center, but not to the beach where sensitive wildlife is attempting to thrive in the city!

Bayside Park (Burlingame)

This 3/4-acre park is a great place for dogs to socialize. The dog exercise area is over 570 feet in length, allowing even large dogs to run to their hearts’ content.

Shoreline at Mountain View Dog Park

Designed by dog owners, this park provides dogs with an opportunity to run and play off leash. The park is located on the corner of Shoreline Boulevard and North Road, just before the entrance to Shoreline Park (which does not allow dogs).

Point Isabel Regional Shoreline (Richmond)

Welcome to dog heaven! Canines are everywhere at this shoreline park. While your dog is busy making new furry friends, you can enjoy the spectacular views of the Golden Gate Bridge and the bay. You can also get your dog washed and groomed at the park while you grab a coffee and snack from the café.

Bayfront Park (Mill Valley)

Clean, safe, well-tended and very active, the Mill Valley Dog Park is among the most scenic and enjoyable dog parks available. The park is fenced along its western border with the Mill Valley-Sausalito Path. Richardson Bay bounds the park on its eastern and southern sides, providing great views.

Local Rules Apply

Please note that there are several locations where dogs are not allowed, or are not allowed at certain times of year. The Bay Area’s wildlife habitat is extremely important and is critically sensitive in some areas. Dog rules are different by jurisdiction, so please plan ahead and research the regulations prior to your visit.