MTC’s resilience and planning efforts help protect the Bay Area from earthquakes, floods, landslides and fires — as well as prepare for climate change hazards like sea level rise, extreme storms and drought.

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Technical Assistance

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In response to the growing threat from natural disasters in Bay Area communities, MTC and its partners continue in their collaborative efforts to plan for a region that can better adapt, and be more resilient, to future hazards.

Sea Level Rise Adaptation Funding & Investment Framework

This data-driven research project seeks to identify near-term sea level rise adaptation needs and will study possible funding solutions.

State Route 37

MTC and its partners are working to make State Route 37 more resilient against chronic traffic congestion, flooding and sea level rise, in order to preserve vital connections between jobs and housing.

Dumbarton Bridge Resilience Study

The Dumbarton Bridge carries more than 81,000 vehicles a day. MTC initiated the Dumbarton Bridge West Approach and Adjacent Communities Resilience Study to address the threat of sea level rise on the western approach.

Long-Range Planning: Plan Bay Area

Plan Bay Area 2050 is a long-range regional plan that includes future efforts and possible solutions for ongoing resilience projects.

Resilience also underpins many other goals in Plan Bay Area 2050, such as housing, infrastructure and economic development. These issues could be significantly compromised by the impacts of disasters or climate change.

By planning now, we save money in the future.

ABAG’s Resilience Planning

The Association of Bay Area Governments (ABAG) assists local governments and residents in planning for earthquakes, the effects of climate change and other hazards.

Visit the ABAG website.
Earthquake damage in San Francisco from the Loma Prieta 1989 earthquake.
Hazard Viewer Map

The Hazard Viewer is a mapping tool that provides information and data related to natural hazard potential in the Bay Area.

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Picture of an iPhone visiting the Hazard Viewer website.

MTC partners with the Association of Bay Area Governments (ABAG), the San Francisco Bay Conservation and Development Commission (BCDC) and other agencies to create resilient communities that can better adapt to future hazards.