Regional Transit Expansion Program

The Bay Area’s population is growing, particularly in urban neighborhoods, and the regional transit network must expand to keep up with this growth.


Photo by Robert J. Pierce, courtesy of SFMTA

One of the Bay Area’s challenges is to balance the need for growth with the need to take care of existing transit systems.

MTC's Regional Transit Expansion Program (Resolution 3434) was last updated in 2008, and identifies the top priorities for new Bay Area transit projects. And it helps the region compete with other metropolitan areas for state and federal funding.

Several Regional Transit Expansion Program projects are now under construction:

  • BART extension to downtown San Jose
  • Caltrain Electrification
  • Muni Van Ness Bus Rapid Transit
  • Muni Central Subway
Successful Projects in Service

Among the many Regional Transit Expansion Program projects already in service are:

  • AC Transit Oakland-San Leandro Bus Rapid Transit
  • BART-Oakland Airport Connector
  • BART extensions to Warm Springs and Berryessa
  • Caltrain Baby Bullet
  • Capitol Corridor and ACE Service Expansions
  • eBART extension to Antioch
  • Salesforce Transbay Transit Center
  • San Francisco Bay Ferry Service Expansion
  • Sonoma-Marin Rail Transit (SMART)
  • Regional Express Bus
Farther Down the Track

A handful of Resolution 3434 projects are still several years away from completion:

  • Caltrain extension to Transbay Transit Center
  • Dumbarton Rail