Carpool & Vanpool

MTC’s 511 program offers multiple ways to help you share a ride, including long-term carpools and vanpools.

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511 can help you save time and money when you share a ride in the carpool lane or the express lane. It's easy to carpool or vanpool – click the links below for program details.


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Carpool Savings Calculator

Watch your commute costs drop as you add a carpool partner or two. You can also use this tool to calculate your commute emissions, whether driving alone or with a carpool.

511's Carpool Calculator.
Carpool Rewards

Find information on local rewards for carpoolers and vanpoolers.

Get rewarded.


A vanpool is a group of seven to 15 people commuting together with an unpaid driver. The Bay Area Vanpool program makes it easier and more rewarding to ride together by offering qualified vanpools:

  • $500 off the monthly cost of vanpools rented from Commute with Enterprise
  • Help finding vanpool seats and starting vanpools
  • An "empty seat" subsidy for owner-operated vanpools
  • Free bridge tolls for 11- to 15-passenger vanpools
  • Help signing up for discounted parking in San Francisco and Oakland

Visit for information about vanpool help and incentives.

Did You Know?

Vanpool vehicles can be rented through a third-party provider, such as Commute With Enterprise, be owned by an individual or provided by an employer.