Bicycle, Pedestrian & Micromobility

MTC supports many programs that encourage people to get out of their cars and walk, bike or roll for an active, healthier community and environment.

Photo courtesy of the San Jose Department of Transportation

MTC plans programs, grants, proposed path extensions and sponsored events to encourage Bay Area residents to get out of their cars, and spend more time walking, biking, skating and scooting.

Bay Skyway (Bay Bridge Path)

Non-vehicular travelers may soon be able to move between Oakland and downtown San Francisco on the Bay Skyway, a bike/pedestrian route connecting both sides of San Francisco Bay.

Bike Share Capital Program

This program helps launch bike sharing in counties across the region.

Bike to Work Day

The annual Bay Area Bike to Work Day is the biggest bicycle commute event in the U.S.

Regional Safety/Vision Zero

MTC is working to reduce deaths and injuries from traffic collisions by supporting Bay Area Vision Zero initiatives.

West Oakland Link

A proposed pedestrian and bicycle pathway connecting West Oakland to Judge John Sutter Regional Shoreline (formerly Gateway Park) and the Bay Bridge Trail.

What is Micromobility?

Micromobility includes ways of getting around that are fully or partially human-powered such as bikes, e-bikes and e-scooters and mobility-assistance devices/wheelchairs. Most commonly, micromobility vehicles do not exceed 15mph.

Active Transportation Program

This MTC program uses state and federal funds to support walking and biking travel options.

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Complete Streets

When streets are designed to include walkers, rollers and cyclists, people are safer and get more physical activity. And cities get a break from greenhouse emissions.

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Regional Trails & Parks

MTC supports the operation of regional trails and parks, including the San Francisco Bay Trail, the San Francisco Bay Water Trail and Judge John Sutter Regional Shoreline (Gateway Park).

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Children looking at protected wetlands as part of the SF Bay Trail
Bridge Paths: Bicycle & Pedestrian Counts

See how many pedestrians and cyclists are using pathways on seven of the region’s state-owned bridges.

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A cyclist on the Richmond-San Rafael Bridge Path