The Horizon initiative was the Bay Area’s first long-range, strategic plan to include the economy, the environment, housing and transportation.

The Horizon initiative was the first broad Bay Area planning effort to look not just at transportation and housing, but also at the economy, the effects of climate change and new and emerging technologies.

It was the foundation for Plan Bay Area 2050, the current long-range regional plan that will help make the nine-county Bay Area a better place to live and work. Plan Bay Area 2050 was adopted in October 2021.

Horizon’s Guiding Principles

Horizon’s work began in 2018 by asking the public: “What are the most important issues we should consider as we plan for life in 2050?”

Staff from MTC and the Association of Bay Area Governments received over 10,000 unique comments that helped refine the five Guiding Principles, which became the foundation of goals for Plan Bay Area 2050:

  1. Affordable: All Bay Area residents and workers have sufficient housing options they can afford — households are economically secure.
  2. Connected: An expanded, well-functioning transportation system connects the Bay Area — fast, frequent and efficient intercity trips are complemented by a suite of local transportation options, thereby connecting communities and creating a cohesive region.
  3. Diverse: Bay Area residents support an inclusive region where people from all backgrounds, abilities and ages can remain in place — with access to the region’s assets and resources.
  4. Healthy: The region’s natural resources, open space, clean water and clean air are conserved — the region actively reduces its environmental footprint and protects residents from environmental impacts.
  5. Vibrant: The Bay Area is an innovation leader, creating quality job opportunities for all and ample fiscal resources for communities.
Plan Bay Area 2050+

Plan Bay Area 2050+ is the limited and focused update to the adopted long-range plan, Plan Bay Area 2050.

Plan Bay Area 2050+ logo.
Plan Bay Area 2050

Plan Bay Area 2050 is the current, adopted regional long-range plan that focuses on four key elements — the economy, the environment, housing and transportation. It identifies a path to make the region more equitable and resilient for everyone.

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