Climate Protection

Cleaner air is not just a good idea, it’s the law. MTC’s investment strategies advance projects and programs that protect our environment.

Billy Hustace

State law requires the Bay Area to cut per capita carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from cars and light trucks. By the year 2035, we must cut to 19% below 2005 levels.

The following programs help support our climate goals:

Investment Plan Charts Course to Exceed State Targets

The region's long-range plan for transportation investment and land-use priorities through the year 2040 is called Plan Bay Area. It includes an ambitious Climate Initiatives Program to help our region reduce CO2 emissions by 18%.

Learn more about how MTC is working to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from vehicles.


MTC works closely with the Association of Bay Area Governments, the Bay Area Air Quality Management District, the San Francisco Bay Conservation and Development Commission and other public and private partners to advance climate initiatives.