MTC works every day to help you get around. MTC operates traveler programs like Clipper®, FasTrak® and 511, invests in programs that improve freeways and roads, and provides support for key emergency systems and beautiful regional trails and parks.

Michele Stone

Programs & Projects

MTC’s programs and projects include all major pieces of the Bay Area’s transportation puzzle, including bridges, freeways, local streets, transit hubs, bikeways, commuter programs and more.

Regional Trails & Parks

The Bay Area is home to some of the most striking views in the world and includes more than 350 miles of urban pathways as part of the San Francisco Bay Trail. Learn how MTC makes it easier for all to enjoy the region’s natural beauty.

Transit Regional Network Management

As the Bay Area’s transportation planning, financing and coordinating agency, MTC is supporting regional efforts to make Bay Area transit simpler, easier to use and more affordable. Regional Network Management (RNM) looks at the entire transit system to identify ways to improve the network and rider experience.

Traveler Services

MTC helps you navigate the Bay Area’s many transportation options — with programs to get you where you’re going by car, train, ferry, bus or bike.