511 is your source for Bay Area traffic, transit, carpool, vanpool and bicycling information. Free and available whenever you need it — 24 hours a day, 7 days a week — from anywhere in the Bay Area. Call 511 or visit 511.org.

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Real-time Travel Information Wherever You Are

Visit 511.org

511.org’s resources include:

  • Traveler alerts
  • An interactive map, with traffic, transit, carpool and biking information layers
  • A single source for tweets from 511 and partner agencies
  • Resources for traffic, transit, paratransit, Clipper® cards, RTC discount cards, carpool, vanpool, bicycling, Express Lanes and park ‘n ride lots

Call 511

The most popular real-time traveler information resources are available by calling 511, and asking for:

  • Departure times
  • Traffic conditions
  • Freeway Assist
  • Carpool information
  • Vanpool information
  • Express Lanes
  • Paratransit

These services and more are available when you call 511 for free.

511 Text Alerts

Sign up for 511 emergency text alerts:

  • Text 511Alert (no space) to 888777
  • An automated text response will confirm your registration
  • This service is free; text and data rates may apply

511 on Social Media

More Ways 511 Helps You

Biking Access & Tips

Learn about taking your bicycle on Bay Area transit, on bridges and through tunnels, and get tips on bike parking.

An AC Transit All-Nighter bus with two bicycles loaded into the front rack.
Get RTC Card Info

The Regional Transit Connection (RTC) Discount ID Card is available to people with qualifying disabilities. Apply, renew or replace an RTC Card at 511.org.


Riders with Disabilities: Regional Transit Connection (RTC)
Call 511 for Freeway Assist

Need help on the highway? Want to report a hazard? Dial 511 on your cell phone and, when connected, say “Freeway Assist.”

No cell phone? Use one of the 600 call boxes located on toll bridges and along rural highways. Call boxes include fully functioning TTY keyboards and screens.

Freeway Service Patrol team members ready to assist with a flat tire, a gallon of gas or other help on the freeway.

MTC operates 511 in partnership with:

  • California Department of Transportation
  • California Highway Patrol
  • Dozens of public transit operators
  • Carpool organizations around the Bay Area