Funding Opportunities

MTC identifies new transportation projects and programs — and invites prospective project sponsors to compete for funding.

Margot Duane

MTC is always looking for new transportation projects and programs in which it can invest federal, state or regional funds.

We do this by issuing a Call for Projects — inviting prospective project sponsors to compete for grants or other funding.

Check this page regularly to learn about upcoming funding opportunities!

Who Can Apply for Funding?

Calls for Projects typically are reserved for cities, counties, county transportation agencies, transit agencies or other public agencies that have agreements in place with the California Department of Transportation to receive federal-aid funding.

But some Calls for Project are open to nonprofit organizations, through partnerships with public agencies.


Businesses, nonprofits and community groups may apply for funding opportunities geared toward public agencies — as long as they team with a public agency willing to serve as the project sponsor.

In these cases, the public agency would be the grant recipient, and could then subcontract with the private business or nonprofit.

Current Funding Opportunities

MTC routinely issues Calls for Projects through various funding programs. Check them out here on the website, including: