Investment Strategies & Commitments

MTC’s investments are prioritized to maintain the Bay Area’s existing transportation network and to expand select projects.

Peter Beeler

MTC invests in maintaining the Bay Area’s existing transportation network and in creating innovative new transportation projects. Together, these investments support the region’s expected jobs and population growth.

By planning for the future, MTC ensures that available funding will be used wisely and will have the biggest impact for the region.

Prioritizing Available Dollars

There are more than 20 different transit agencies in the Bay Area. With so many transit agencies competing for the same resources, MTC has created a process to make sure that federal dollars go to the projects with the most significant impact for Bay Area residents.

Fix It First

Most of the Bay Area’s transportation dollars go to taking care of the streets, highways and transit systems we already have. MTC calls this approach “Fix It First.”

Transit for the Future

Investments in innovative technologies will make the Bay Area’s transit systems more resilient, while cutting down on pollution related to traffic congestion.

Housing Solutions

MTC encourages development of new housing and jobs in areas already supported by infrastructure like streets, utilities and transit service.

Climate Protection

Cleaner air is not just a good idea, it’s the law. MTC’s investment strategies advance projects and programs that protect the environment.

Long-Range Planning

How do we build a stronger economy, a cleaner environment, efficient transportation and housing for all in the Bay Area? MTC plans for the Bay Area’s future through the region’s long-range strategic plan, Plan Bay Area.

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