Regional Transportation Studies

MTC studies how people travel throughout the Bay Area in order to plan for new and better ways to move around the region.

MTC studies how people travel throughout the Bay Area to propose new and better ways to move around our region.

Bay Area Transit Ridership Trends Study

Exploring why transit ridership in the Bay Area started falling and how to reverse this trend.

Bay Area Transportation Study

Collecting data to better understand the Bay Area’s transportation needs.

Bay Crossings Studies

Studying how traffic moves across the Bay.

Core Capacity Transit Study

A collaborative effort to improve public transportation to and from the core of San Francisco.

Dumbarton Bridge Resilience Study

Addressing the threat of rising tides on the bridge's west approach.

Northern California Mega-Region Goods Movement Study

The first study of the goods movement system to improve delivery of consumer products, food and parcels across the Bay Area’s nine counties.

Regional Onboard Survey

A passenger survey program that goes right to the source — Bay Area commuters. 

Southern Alameda County Integrated Rail Analysis (SoCo Rail) Study

The SoCo Rail Study is the first step in developing an East Bay passenger rail hub.

Transit Fare Coordination & Integration Study

Researching ways to make the region's transit network better coordinated and more affordable.

Transit Sustainability Project & Transit Performance Initiative

The Transit Sustainability Project and Transit Performance Initiative work together to help prioritize investments that get transit vehicles out of traffic congestion.