Tools & Resources

Sharing data and resources helps MTC’s partner agencies be more productive and helps the public be better informed.

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MTC makes available regional data, tools and resources to help partners become more effective. And at the same time, members of the public become more informed and engaged in the work MTC does for the Bay Area.

Data Tools

MTC makes data sets and tools available to partners, researchers, residents and anyone who is interested in learning more about what is happening in our region.

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Digital Library

Explore MTC’s complete digital archive of reports, plans and more.

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MTC’s mapmakers transform data into compelling illustrations of regional trends in travel, population, land use, the economy and more.

MTC/ABAG Library

The MTC/ABAG library offers a physical archive of MTC/ABAG publications, current research topics, historical documents from transit agencies and local governments and more.

MTC-ABAG Library
Survey Program

The Transit Passenger Survey and Travel Diary Survey collect trip and traveler data that is not readily available from other sources.

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Technical Assistance

MTC and partners offer a variety of programs to provide planning and technical support for city and county agencies.

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Vital Signs

MTC's interactive website that offers data, visual representations of that data and written explanations about important trends in the Bay Area.

Vital Signs with background of housing