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MTC’s mapmakers turn data into art that tells compelling stories about regional trends in travel, population, land use, the economy and more.


We use geographic information system (GIS) technology to sift through stacks of statistics and produce eye-popping pictures that can tell a thousand words.

MTC cartographers create a Map of the Month to illustrate important Bay Area and national trends at each Commission meeting. Among their other popular creations are MTC’s Regional Transportation Map and our interactive Travel Time Housing Map.

Visit our Map Portal to browse MTC’s Map Gallery.  The gallery is hosted on the ESRI ArcGIS Online Platform; and includes maps, layers and Web apps developed by MTC staff.

MTC's Data Portal provides an overview of the work done by our GIS and Modeling team. Learn more about our mapping products, data and services, including cartography, spatial analysis and application development.

The Plan Bay Area interactive project map is a tool that allows you to see and explore our region’s 100 largest transportation projects (measured by project cost) in a simple and easy-to-use format.

MTC’s interactive Vital Signs projects features custom-made maps to help illustrate the Bay Area’s performance in transportation, land use, the economy and the environment.