Regional Leadership

MTC’s regional leadership helps secure adequate funding for all Bay Area transportation needs — local streets and roads, highways, public transit, and bicycle and pedestrian projects.

Karl Nielsen

MTC works with cities, counties, transit agencies and other partners to achieve success as a region — so local interests do not compete against each other. By looking at the needs of the entire region, MTC can advocate for state and federal funds that build a more resilient Bay Area.

Advocacy Priorities

Each year, MTC adopts an Advocacy Program to prioritize efforts. This strategy is developed in partnership with cities, counties, transit agencies, and advocacy groups representing local, state and federal interests.

Coordinated Response

MTC briefs partner agencies in the Bay Area on risks and opportunities presented by new legislation. We team up with agencies across the region to develop a coordinated response and track all bills related to:

  • Transportation funding
  • Public transportation
  • Bicycle and pedestrian policy
  • Climate change
  • Affordable housing
  • Land use
  • Environmental regulations
  • Air quality
  • Clean vehicle incentives

Investment Strategies & Commitments

MTC invests in maintaining the Bay Area’s existing transportation network, while creating opportunities for innovative new transportation projects. Together, these investments support our region’s expected jobs and population growth.

By planning for the future, MTC ensures that available funding will be used wisely and will have the biggest impact for the region.