Programs & Projects

MTC’s programs and projects include all major pieces of the Bay Area’s transportation puzzle, including bridges, freeways, local streets, transit hubs, bikeways, commuter programs and more.

Karl Nielsen

MTC plays a major role in the transportation infrastructure and projects that keep the Bay Area moving — and we’re always thinking about new ways to make it better.


The Bay Area’s seven state-run toll bridges make up an important network for vehicle traffic across the bay.

Emergency Management

During times of emergency, how does MTC help keep the Bay Area safe and moving?

Forward Commute Initiatives

The “Forward” commute initiatives are a series of projects designed to improve commuting and to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.


MTC is responsible for the planning, management and coordination of Bay Area freeways.

Intelligent Transportation Systems

Bay Area transportation is getting “smarter” — and MTC is leading the way with Intelligent Transportation Systems planning.

Streets, Roads & Arterials

MTC supports programs that help Bay Area cities and counties make their streets and roads safer and more efficient.

Transit Hubs

The Bay Area’s transit hubs offer convenient access to multiple modes of public transit, bike share, car share and other options.