ITS Architecture

Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), which include advanced vehicle systems (connected and autonomous vehicles), have the power to transform the Bay Area’s infrastructure and mobility. Bay Area ITS Architecture is a blueprint for integrating and coordinating ITS projects in the region.

Photo by Michael Dziedzic/Unsplash

MTC is guiding the ongoing development and maintenance of the Bay Area Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) Architecture website, a blueprint for integrating and coordinating various transportation technologies collectively known as ITS.

Visit the Bay Area Intelligent Transportation Systems website.

The ITS Architecture covers ITS in these transportation areas:

  • Traffic management
  • Public transportation management
  • Electronic payments (tools and fares)
  • Commercial vehicle operations
  • Traveler and other transportation information systems management
  • Advanced vehicle systems (connected and autonomous vehicles)
  • Emergency management
  • Maintenance and construction management

The Bay Area ITS Architecture is continually evolving. Following a comprehensive content update in 2017, ongoing work focuses on enhancements of the ITS Architecture website that will make it more interactive, and integration of connected mobility projects.

Connected & Automated Vehicles

A wireless network that includes cars, buses, trucks, traffic signals, smartphones and other devices could transform the way we travel.

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Development and refinement of the Bay Area ITS Architecture is a joint effort of MTC and more than 100 partners, including:

  • Bay Area cities and counties
  • County transportation agencies
  • Transit operators
  • Ports and airports
  • California Department of Transportation (Caltrans)
  • California Highway Patrol
  • Emergency responders
  • Bay Conservation and Development Commission
  • Bay Area Air Quality Management District