Express Carpool Check Pilot Program

Smartphone App Pilot

The Express Carpool Check pilot program is testing a new smartphone app – RideFlag – to see how well the app works to verify carpools in an MTC Express Lane.

MTC Express Lanes help speed traffic and reduce congestion – but only when the lanes are used by qualified vehicles. Many qualified vehicles are carpools with multiple passengers. (Other vehicles may have a Clean Air Vehicle sticker, or a solo driver may choose to pay the Express Lane toll.)

MTC is working with drivers who have volunteered as participants in the Express Carpool Check pilot program. The Express Carpool Check provided by RideFlag app lets drivers show how many people are in the vehicle. If the number of people qualifies as a carpool, the program volunteer can receive up to $300 in the form of an Amazon gift card as a reward for participation.

The last day to sign up for the program was December 31, 2023.

Pilot Program Goals

The Express Carpool Check pilot is using new technology. This program aims to:

  • Determine the functionality and accuracy of the app
  • Get feedback from app users
  • Explore privacy issues
  • Inform full deployment potential
  • And more

Pilot Program Overview

The pilot program will be tested with volunteers who travel on the Interstate 680 Contra Costa Express Lanes corridor between Martinez and Dublin.

During this pilot phase, drivers will still need to activate their FasTrak® Flex tags when driving in the Express Lanes.

Equity Considerations

Equity is top-of-mind for this pilot program, and MTC will be evaluating the success of the pilot in part by considering these factors:

  • Privacy for users
  • Accessibility for people with disabilities
  • Making sure that people of all skin tones and ages are detected properly by the app
  • Expanding pilot participation and access to express lanes for those who are not currently FasTrak account holders
  • Encouraging participation from residents of Equity Priority Communities
Project Phase 1 Timeline
Project Phase 1 Timeline
Activity Estimated Timeframe
Pilot Period Fall 2023
Post-Pilot Evaluation Spring 2024
Staff Contact

Sarah Burnworth
Email: mtcpilot@bayareametro.gov