Freeway Service Patrol

MTC’s Freeway Service Patrol clears vehicle accidents, picks up dangerous items left on the roadway and helps stranded motorists.

MTC’s Freeway Patrol Service (FSP) helps keep freeways running smoothly.

The fleet of roving tow trucks look for collisions and clear dangerous materials from the road, making Bay Area freeways safer.

FSP drivers also provide free assistance to motorists during peak traffic hours, helping drivers with a gallon of gas, a battery “jump start” or a radiator refill. This non-emergency roadside assistance is provided by Freeway Service Patrol, CalTrans or the California Highway Patrol (CHP), depending on time and location.

Visit the Freeway Service Patrol website.

Use 511 Freeway Assist

Need help on the highway? Want to report a hazard? Dial 511 on your cell phone and, when connected, say “Freeway Assist.”

No Cell Phone? Use Call Boxes

Freeway Assist also works with MTC’s network of roughly 600 call boxes. Call boxes are located on toll bridges and along rural highways.

Call boxes include fully functioning TTY keyboards and screens.

Did You Know?

Each minute saved in clearing an incident saves an estimated four minutes of traffic delay.

Keeping the Bay Area Greener

FSP logs over 100,000 incidents per year. Every year, FSP:

  • Saves Bay Area motorists nearly 4 million hours of delay time
  • Reduces fuel use by nearly 2 million gallons
  • Reduces tailpipe emissions by several hundred tons
Visit the FSP website.

The Freeway Service Patrol is a partnership between MTC, the California Highway Patrol and the California Department of Transportation.

Service is provided by private tow truck companies, selected through a competitive bid process. During the hours of operation, the vehicles and drivers are exclusively dedicated to patrolling their freeway beat.

Quick Response to Trouble on the Freeway

FSP drivers are trained and certified by the California Highway Patrol. By providing a quick response to incidents, FSP helps to reduce traffic and auto emissions, while increasing road safety.

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