Richmond-San Rafael Forward

Richmond-San Rafael (RSR) Forward implements a suite of strategies to address congestion and improve options for traveling in the RSR Bridge corridor.

Karl Nielsen

Changes are afoot on the Richmond-San Rafael (RSR) Bridge. Improvements include infrastructure changes and programs to support crossing the bridge by bicycle.

RSR Open Road Tolling and I-580 Westbound HOV Lane

The RSR open road tolling and I-580 westbound HOV lane provide safety and operational improvements on westbound I-580 approaching the RSR Bridge by:

  • Converting one of the three existing general-purpose lanes to a high-occupancy vehicle (HOV) lane, beginning at the I-580 / Regatta Avenue Interchange
  • Replacing the existing tolling structure with overhead toll gantries east of the existing toll booths

Staff Contact

Ingrid Supit, Project Manager
Email: isupit@bayareametro.gov

Richmond-San Rafael E-Bike Commute Program

The Richmond-San Rafael E-Bike Commute Program concluded in June 2024.

MTC’s RSR E-Bike Commute Program promoted the use of electric bicycles (e-bikes) for commuting across the RSR Bridge on the bicycle/pedestrian path. Through this program, MTC provided discounts on e-bike purchases to residents living and working in Richmond, San Rafael and other nearby communities where bike commutes across the RSR Bridge are viable.  

RSR Rides

The RSR Rides program concluded in May 2024.

The program was designed to support local community organizations and bicycle retailers who led group bike and e-bike rides on the RSR Bridge during peak periods. All rides began from within a quarter mile of a high-frequency transit stop (such as a BART station). Rides included bike education and safety, and offered opportunities to try riding e-bikes.

Partners included Bike East Bay, the Marin County Bicycle Coalition and Rich City Rides.