Mobility Hubs

Mobility Hubs offer access to many different ways of getting around. MTC coordinates, funds and provides technical assistance for new Mobility Hubs to support first and last mile connections through access to multiple travel options.

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Mobility Hubs Overview

See the interactive map of Mobility Hub locations, the Mobility Hubs Implementation Playbook and more.

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Technical Assistance

Local agency staff: Get Mobility Hub and related resources.

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Mobility hubs are places in a community that bring together public transit, bike share, car share and other ways for people to get where they want to go without a private vehicle.

Built around frequent and high-capacity transit, mobility hubs offer a safe, comfortable, convenient and accessible space to seamlessly transfer from one type of transportation to another.

Mobility hubs can be located where transit services already come together, or in communities and locations where transportation is needed the most. MTC has prioritized pilot investments for regionally significant mobility hubs.

Staff Contact

Krute Singa, Principal Regional Planner
Phone: 415-778-5365
Email: ksinga@bayareametro.gov

Vehicle Miles Traveled

How far do people travel when they get behind the wheel in the Bay Area? Get the statistics at the Vital Signs website.

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Congestion on the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge.
Mobility Hubs in Affordable Housing

MTC is partnering with TransForm to pilot a site-specific suite of mobility services for residents of three affordable-housing communities.

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Past Mobility Hub Pilots

In 2021, seven pilots were funded through a competitive process. Learn about the Mobility Hub Pilot Projects on the Technical Assistance portal.

Part of Plan Bay Area 2050

The mobility hub program is a Climate Initiative strategy from Plan Bay Area 2050. It aims to:

  • Increase transit access and connectivity
  • Focus growth
  • Increase transit-oriented development
  • Provide viable travel options to all Bay Area communities

Plan Bay Area 2050+ will evaluate the Plan Bay Area 2050 climate strategies as part of the limited and focused update. Learn about Plan Bay Area 2050+.